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Shōri Dojo - North Valleys only Aikido school

We offer expert Aikido training in north Phoenix and is a member of Aikido of Ueshiba. Come join us and learn authentic empty hand Aikido techniques as well as traditional sword and jo techniques that are often associated with Aikido. Learn to use Aikido now and easily defend or neutralize your aggressor immediately. It is a great way to get back into shape and learn self-defense at the same time.

  • Cultivate internal energy
  • smooth, fluid, non-resistance
  • Practical self-protection

The Martial Art of Non-Resistance

Aikido is a way of promoting peace. Rather than responding to an attack with force, it deflects and blends to transform the situation neutral and non-violent condition. This ideally protects the aggressor from undue harm while keeping the defender completely safe and in control. The powerful teachings of Aikido apply as much to daily life as much they do to combative situations.

At the Shōri Dojo, Aikido; training consists of studying the underlying principles that make Aikido; techniques functional. It also uses repetition and many different kinds attacks to help you develop strong, realistic and reliable defensive capability. We train in defense against wooden swords, short staffs and knives as well as empty-hand attacks, and study against multiple, simultaneous attackers as well as single aggressions.

Learn to maneuver over, around and through situations and take control unwanted encounters regardless of your age, size and strength. Train yourself to be able to deflect or intercept an attack and neutralize, throw, or immobilize an aggressor. Additionally, Aikido is a great form of low impact exercise, sometimes described as Zen or Yoga in motion.

Aikido is a lifelong pursuit. Like any other art form, martial or otherwise, one is constantly learning, growing, inventing, discovering. Please come to the Shōri Dojo to experience it for yourself. Everyone is welcome.

I can't believe it, the instructors here understand, and help make it so fast and easy to learn."

Peter J.

We are happy to share our full syllabus and ranking requirements for every art we teach. Contact us if you would like to request a copy.

Sensei Al Krever

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Shōri Aikido

The essence of sword techniques translated to empty hands.