Arizona Budōkan

Traditional Japanese Swordsmanship

Beauty, Survival, and a Way of Life

A Return to the Essence of Combat

Get a comprehensive, in depth presentation of this ancient and profound Japanese art, one that forges discipline, courage, and expertise in handling one of the most beautiful and efficient weapons ever forged by human hands.

  • Two complete systems
  • Test cutting with live blades
  • Practical technique & mental discipline

The Arizona Budōkan offers complete training in two separate arts, Toyama-ryū Iaidō and Shinkendō—both practically-focused systems with close ties to real battlefields. Train in classical forms, partner exercises, and test cutting with live blades while accessing the deeper spiritual and philosophical roots of this timeless discipline. Shihan Crosswell’s approach to sword study draws from his lengthy and rich interactions with legendary swordsmen like Toshishiro Obata, Fumio Demura, Katsuo Yamaguchi, Takashi Ishikawa, and Takeshi Nakata—and he continues to visit Japan year after year to collect precious knowledge from some of the last authentic living masters still teaching today. Only the Arizona Budokan puts this vibrant and nuanced collection of ancient samurai teachings at your fingertips.

We are happy to share our full syllabus and ranking requirements for every art we teach. Contact us if you would like to request a copy.
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Arizona Budōkan
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Tōyama-Ryū Iiadō, Shinkendō

Traditional and modern, a balance of steel and harmony. Discipline, Courage, and Expertise.