Arizona Budōkan

Martial Arts for Kids

Karate, Kobudō, and Real Self-Defense

Authentic martial arts for kids!

Parents are always telling us about the benefits and growth they've seen in their children—at home, in school, and even in other sports they play. Our kids tell us how much fun they are having and how proud they are to be learning authentic martial arts from one of the most elite schools in the Valley.

  • Self Defense
  • Confidence Building
  • Personal attention

Looking for a martial arts program that goes beyond stylized punching and kicking? Do you want authentic, practical martial arts instruction that encourages teamwork, personal development, discipline, and athleticism with lots of personal attention and fun?

Unlike most schools, we give your child access to our most senior instructors every class, integrating their core empty-hand curriculum with kobudō training as well as practical self-defense strategies to help keep them safe. All martial arts schools offer kids a place to work up a sweat and learn a few moves. But we go further at the Arizona Budokan, offering a complete, personalized approach to every child that develops physical, mental, and emotional maturity while teaching a rich set of martial skills steeped in authenticity and tradition.

I really enjoy everything about learning karate. Learning how karate is involved in everyday life lessons is amazing."

Alex G.

The instructors are experienced, knowledgeable, and fantastic with the kids. It's hard to imagine them getting better instruction."

Steve P.

We are happy to share our full syllabus and ranking requirements for every art we teach. Contact us if you would like to request a copy.
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Arizona Budōkan
4744 E Thunderbird Road Phoenix, AZ 85032

Confidence & Discipline

Proper form and technique, Practical defense applications, Mental and emotional strength, Life lessons and overall maturity.