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Kokurin Kobudō, Okinawan Weaponry

An ancient practice shrouded in mystery.

Ancient Weapon Arts in the Modern Age

Whether you're interested in capturing an authentic and rare piece of martial arts history or want to know how to reliably defend yourself with everyday objects, the study of Okinawan weapons is sure to offer an exciting and challenging experience. Richly rewarding for both beginners and seasoned martial arts alike, our students are welcome to study this complete curriculum on its own or use it to enhance their Karate, Sword, or Aikido training.

  • Vast weapons and techniques
  • Traditional, intact lineage
  • Practical real-world applications

The kobudō syllabus taught at the Arizona Budōkan contains a staggering amount of priceless historical information that Shihan Crosswell as collected from an eclectic array of sources both celebrated and obscure. With detailed instruction in over a dozen distinct weapons and more than fifty kata, you’ll be given access to the deepest and most authentic aspects of the Okinawan weapons tradition. Ancient kobudō knowledge is preserved and taught in a way that honors the unique characteristics of each weapon while seamlessly integrating their root similarities and effectively translating their application for practical use in the modern age.

Whether your interested in specializing in Okinawan weaponry or adding it as an enrichment to your training in Karate, Sword, or Aikidō curriculum you’re sure to be captivated by the endless variety and challenge presented by this treasure trove of martial arts knowledge, offered in precious few other places in the world.

A Brief History of Okinawan Kobudō

There are so many weapons to try and all with authentic kata, I'm excited and can't wait to get started."

Jordan M.

We are happy to share our full syllabus and ranking requirements for every art we teach. Contact us if you would like to request a copy.
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Kokurin Kobudō

Ancient kobudō knowledge preserved and taught for practical use in the modern age.